She Returns!

This September, I return to the classroom after taking a year away. The decision to step away from the classroom was not an easy one. Uncertain as to whether or not education was the right path for me, I took a risk, a leap of faith, stepping away to explore and learn about myself both … Continue reading She Returns!


To Stream or not to Stream?

  DISCLAIMER: Streaming and Integration both have value,  I only aim to offer a different perspective and begin a conversation about how best to meet the needs of all our students. Should we invest resources into streamed programs, as a way to more effectively target our intervention efforts? There has been a constant be tug-a-war of … Continue reading To Stream or not to Stream?

“Hey, No Stress” – Living Motto

This year I am teaching the grade 6/7 intensive literacy program. Each one of my kids struggles significantly with reading and writing, and the traditional classroom approach has thus far not worked for them. Along with focusing a large portion of our time on literacy... my goals of the year focus on... Rebuilding confidence, by offering opportunity … Continue reading “Hey, No Stress” – Living Motto

Critical Thinking Challenges!

Over the past couple months I have participated in a "Critical Thinking Dinner Series"' hosted by Surrey's own Stefan Stipp - a discussion based workshop looking closely at creating 'critical challenges' and scaffolding the development of critical thinking skills into everyday classroom activities. Check out The Critical Thinking Consortium for more resources and ideas. The tools of … Continue reading Critical Thinking Challenges!

Employee number and all!

The adventure continues from here...  I am proud to say I am now officially a member of the Surrey School District 🙂 I have been fortunate enough to meet and converse with many SD36 staff on many occasions ... ConnectEd Canada and other PRO 'D sessions and even the world of twitter. It is because of … Continue reading Employee number and all!

Understanding Self

While enjoying my early morning Starbucks soy chia latte this morning... I continue my reading of .....The Whole-Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies To Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind - by Daniel am Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson...When I come across the phrase "foster self understanding" ... I begin to think.... We give opportunity for students … Continue reading Understanding Self

Inspiration found within the walls of your own school

Take a moment and reflect... When was the last time you visited your neighbour? Or a classroom at the opposite end of the school? When was the last time you asked a coworker what are they were up to with their class? Inspiration can be found right next door... A conversation could be had that … Continue reading Inspiration found within the walls of your own school


Connect Ed Canada ...  I was surround by passionate educators,  welcoming me with open arms, into their world of learning...  Connect Ed Canada  ...  A weekend full of thought provoking conversation, collaborating, and sharing. As a student teacher I often struggle being in a stage of transition, and if you know me at all you … Continue reading ConnectEdCanada

My “ah ha!” moment….

A powerful statement made by Joe Bower in a session focused on rethinking "discipline" has resonated with me all weekend...And has made me rethink my own practice and experiences.. "When a student walks in not knowing how to read, we teach them to read... When a student walks in not knowing how to behave or … Continue reading My “ah ha!” moment….

Risk Taking – “the lone nut”

Blog post inspired by an amazingly mind stimulating workshop on "Leading an Innovative Culture" lead by George Couros My thoughts... Historically the idea of "failure" has been seen as an end, a path of no return - a black hole we feared approaching. Today we have begun to challenge this view, recognizing the learning that … Continue reading Risk Taking – “the lone nut”

‘neutral’ teachers – Protect Bear Creek Park

A current event has left my grappling with the idea of 'teacher neutrality'. Below is a letter I submitted... expressing my concern with a parking lot proposal put forward, triggering further inquiry into teachers as a neutral subject. Dear Public... I am writing to express my distress, as a I see another attack to Bear … Continue reading ‘neutral’ teachers – Protect Bear Creek Park

Professional Development :)

As many of you may know, I love conferences and professional development..... LOVE. I hunger for  professional development.... crave case studies and am absolutely reenergized by networking! Most recently I attended the BCTF-NTC: British Columbia's Teachers Federations, New Teachers Conference where I was exposed to a whirl wind of new ideas and met some amazing … Continue reading Professional Development 🙂

Educating the Heart <3

Empathy.... Empathy - A deep understanding and acknowledgment that all citizens of this world, creatures and environment included deserve a life of happiness. Empathy rooted in action and compassion recognizes that peaceful cooperation & collaboration will only succeed if we as individuals live and work for the well-being of the global society. Empathy so often … Continue reading Educating the Heart ❤

Mind Blown by MindUp

Mind Blown by MindUp! Working to build mindfulness, emotional intelligence and resilience in students! Ah HOW INSPIRING! Today I had the incredible opportunity to be trained in MindUp - a curriculum rooted in Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) which aims to help students understand how their minds work and how emotions impact their learning MindUp infuses … Continue reading Mind Blown by MindUp

Community Garden Workshop Series #2

"In order to care for nature we have to know it, and to know it we have to experience it" - Stacy Curriculum Connections! It is all about interdisciplinary lessons! Your garden is your CO-Teacher! Community gardens have the potential to reconnect students with nature. For some students nature and gardens are an abstract/foreign concept … Continue reading Community Garden Workshop Series #2

Consistently Flexible

Today was my first day as an official member of a Grade 3 class, it will be my permanent home! I observed a conundrum of teaching.... Being consistent while simultaneously being flexible. Consistency in language -- "respect your learning"... "gathering place". When teaching a lesson that spreads over more than one day using consistent terms will bridge the … Continue reading Consistently Flexible