The Dalzell Dance!

What a fantastic day!

Grade 7s, P.E, Science, Soccer time at lunch with my grade 3s…AND after school Zumba with the staff!

It was just so lovely to be back in the school, real authentic experiential learning.

HOLY Grade 7 compared to grade 3… what a difference! Allowing for independent and collaborative work act as a stepping stone into high school. As a teacher you cannot force students to do work… but what you do is provide them the tools to complete it.

The highlight of my day being able to connect with 3 young girls in grade 7 science. They were chatty, chatty, chatty… and thus not being the MOST productive they could have been, and after some surface conversation between the 3 of us observed that there was an underlying fear of NOT doing the assignment correctly, but after a little encouragement and some girl bonding… the work commenced! One of the young ladies bunkered down and got a significant amount of work done!

This highlighted the fact that I don’t just want to be a teacher, I want to be a positive mentor and role model for young students. Just like working with those 3 young grade 7 girls, I want to help other young girls be courageous, confident and independent, and to treat themselves with respect.

I want to take advantage of my love for sport and adventure to guide students to find what they are passionate about! If students find what they are passionate about and have the confidence to follow it, how amazingly healthy and adventurous their lives will be!

Building connections… and the teaching moments will come 🙂

Lunch time! What a blast! Last week I was able to connect with a particular young gentleman through his love of soccer, so I was invited to join in on the grade 3 lunch time soccer game (what an honor!). It warmed my heart to hear “MS DALZELL IS HERE” being yelled out as I approached the field. Being my normal self, I displayed my spastic dance of joy after scoring a goal, to which was deemed the ‘dalzell dance’ and the students began to join in. I have been requested to return to the play every time I am back at the school for practicum.

Thoughts from my grade 3 soccer boy “I didn’t think you would be THAT good Ms Dalzell, can you play next thursday?…are you going to stay in our class for the rest of the year?” — Building connections and the teaching will come 🙂

Lessons of the day:

Allow your students both independence and collaboration, it is just as important for students to learn the content as it is for them to learn to think for themselves!

Teaching is not a 9-5 job… coach a team, head up a club… these after school activities are prime time teaching moments that could benefit students the most!

2 thoughts on “The Dalzell Dance!

  1. It sounds like you are really connecting well with the students at your school. I think we need a video of the Dalzell Dance.
    Finding an after school activity to be a part of is a great idea. I have never known a public elementary school to have anything like that though. I wonder if that was just the school I went to in the middle nowhere. I will inquire next week.

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