Consistently Flexible

Today was my first day as an official member of a Grade 3 class, it will be my permanent home!

I observed a conundrum of teaching…. Being consistent while simultaneously being flexible.

Consistency in language — “respect your learning”… “gathering place”. When teaching a lesson that spreads over more than one day using consistent terms will bridge the gaps.  Consistency in how you choose to get the classes attention – if your students are familiar with your tactic, they will know how to respond.

Consistency & flexibility in your day planning.

Flexibility in recognizing when your kids just need a run around the field or an impromptu recess to channel their energy. Flexibility in being OKAY if a student moves at a slower pace, rushing them or penalizing them for not keeping up is not providing a supportive environment for learning, the work will all get done in time. Encourage risk taking.

One of today’s lessons involved writing poetry. Students were asked to pick a topic and write a poem about it WITHOUT naming the topic. HOLY MOLY! I was beyond impressed with what the students were able to create. There was no specific criteria other then ‘not naming the topic’, they could rhyme.. or not….it could be 5 lines.. a paragraph… a list of words… this is true creativity – boundless.

Respect. It is earned as you make connections with students, it does not come with the title of ‘teacher’. Students respond when they feel respected, safe & supported.

Lessons of the day:

Find a balance between consistency & flexibility

Creativity comes when students are given opportunity to express themselves without boundaries or set expectation

2 thoughts on “Consistently Flexible

  1. That is a wonderful lesson to learn. Don’t forget, flexibility is the ability to know when a lesson fails and to pick up the pieces that are left and try a new approach. 🙂

    I like the poem idea, I haven’t seen that one yet.

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