Responsive Lesson Planning

Today I had an opportunity to experience first hand the challenges of being a TOC. You are entering a class to which you have very a very limited time to create a connection and teach a lesson.

I found my “protective momma bear instinct” kicking in as my students struggled to grasp the math concept being taught by the TOC… students were all looking at me, the familiar adult in the room, to guide them in the right direction. But being a student teacher I bit my tongue not wanting to step on the toes of the TOC, instead acted as a support system by redirecting the students attention to the TOC, and then answering questions and providing guidance & reassurance during the work period.

Today was a day full of learning … tips and tricks of the trade

Lessons of the Day…

1. Leading students along a path of academic success should not be guided solely by the PLO’s of the curriculum, but instead guided by the NEEDS of the students …RESPONSIVE lesson planning.

2. Transition Periods from unstructured learning to structured learning = CHALLENGING!
How can I bridge that gap, to allow students to experience both structured & unstructured styles of learning… relaxing breathing? Chimes?

3. Assessing the needs of your students provides a base line for lesson planning
Assessment  FOR learning…Assessment OF learning… Assessment BY learning (self reflection).

Again it all links back to RESPONDING to the needs of your students… building CONNECTIONS which allow you to better observe and understand these NEEDS

4. Tap into prior knowledge… students love to share… and you will always be impressed and surprised with what they have to say

3 thoughts on “Responsive Lesson Planning

  1. Wow! Sarah, you sure are learning many vauable lessons about being a teacher! I hope I have the privilege of working with you someday soon!

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