“Our Sunshine”

This weeks ‘Thursday Practicum’ was needed…

I find that I am in constant state of soul searching, emotions running ramped – what to do with my life, what am I meant to do… AH!!!

Being in the classroom this week reaffirmed why I am in the BEd program… to be a positive role model for young students – to support and care for each student as individuals, be honest and open with the students, learning from them as I hope they learn from me.

Following the usual Thursday routine, I was parked in the comfy swivel chair of ‘teacher’ desk, marking spelling tests, recording marks, and selecting stickers as Mrs W. walks on over… places the FM transmitter around my neck and the mic over my ears… “i am just in the hallway”…

Calmly I continue marking… reminding myself to breathe – “she is in the hallway, you are not alone”.         I answer student questions, allowing the organized chaos and energy to fill the room with learning. Lunch rolled around and I was instructed to take a moment to settle energy and instruct the students to prepare for lunch — And there we have it… “this is teaching”. Allowing the students to chip away at their work, fully knowing that you are there to support them as they need it…

I believe I was just the subject of what they call.. gradual release in the teaching realm…

I have to say… the highlight of my day occurred as my students were lining up to head home for the day and there were some inquiries made as to when I would be returning to their class…

Ms D: “well I will actually be back on Monday! And will be with you guys ALL next week! AND I will be helping teach!”

Response from one of my little men:  “YAY! We get our sunshine back on Monday!”

The positive reaction I received from these students as they found out I would be returning warms my heart…I had been so wrapped up in my own fears and insecurities – fearing failure. Rome wasn’t built in a day… and just like anything else… learning comes with time and experience. I need to stay true to who I am… use my passions to my advantage… Teaching isn’t about the teacher, it is about the students. The connections I have been able to establish thus far with this grade 3 class and my mentor have motivated me to push beyond my insecurities….I cannot fear mistakes or failure as they are the launching pads to my growth.

Lets just say… 2 week practicum…. here I come… Challenge Accepted! 

One thought on ““Our Sunshine”

  1. I am so proud of you, Sarah! I knew from the moment I met you as a little grade 8 student at the local high school that you would make a difference in this world. Your talent and enthusiasm as well as your diligence and willingness to openly reflect clearly show that you will make a positive impact as an educator and colleague. I can’t wait to watch you test your wings and fly!

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