Community Garden Workshop Series #1

Moving through my most recent stage of life, I find that I am being shifted more and more towards living a green and sustainable life style, and reconnecting with my environment. I have always been a little bit of a tree hugger, loving the outdoors doing anything from a camping to beach clean ups!  BUT I have not really found my niche with getting my ‘hands dirty’ and growing my own garden. Contrary to my parents who have green thumbs — well more like green souls! Growing their own vegetables and maintaining an immaculate garden, I have slain my share of plants.

An opportunity came forward at my university institution to attend a workshop series to support education students in implementing Community Gardens at their future schools of employment – HOW EXCITING! Using gardens as a basis for integrated and experiential learning!! Through this workshop I will gain practical tools that will allow me to utilize a the creation and maintenance of a community garden through the lenses of multiple subjects – health & Career, Math, Language arts, Social Students, Science!! AH!

Community Gardens will provide opportunity for students to reconnect with their environment and the ‘natural’ way of living – very similarly to the path I am traveling myself right now.

How could I POSSIBLY pass this up!?

So…. bright and early on a rainy  Saturday morning, I pulled myself out of bed, pulled on my rain boots and trekked onward to a day of finding my inner artisan!

The day began with our crew circled out in the rain giving thanks to the land and what it has provided and discussing our own personal experiences with gardens, shifting into academia – looking at the extensive history of community gardens and then THE FUN PART…We as a group actually worked together to make flour, harvest & prepare vegetables which were used to make CREPES! ((that we then ate! yum!))

We also had an opportunity to weave wheat!


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