Green Thoughts!

Have you been thinking Green today?

Thanks to an amazing professional day session I attended back in October, I was introduced to this idea of “green thoughts” or “positive thoughts”. I took this idea and integrated it into my year citizenship and RAK’ing project…Who doesn’t love random acts of Kindness!

I put together a bucket of “Green thoughts” – quotes of positivity, motivation and inspiration for my students to enjoy! On a day they are feeling bummed and need a pick me up, or wanting to make an amazing day even better, they can pick a thought and enjoy!

Spreading the sunshine (Newest aspect of my blog — Why not spread the love?!)

“You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes. you can steer yourself any direction you choose”    – Dr Seuss

Today I facilitated a ‘reflection’ lesson as a way to get into the heads of my students. What have they been taking away from my lessons on citizenship and RAK’ing… have they been taking away anything at all? I was pleasantly surprised to receive reflections of art work, poems and written responses all about what it is to be a good citizen. After some PERSONAL REFLECTION time I began to question my motives… what was I as an educator… a teacher hoping to gain from this reflection… what was I hoping my students gained? My lens is shifting….

My students are young, creative and thoughtful… but sometimes their creativity needs a little guidance when I an educator am looking to assess or check for understanding of a specific goal . It is kinda of like ‘bumpers’ one uses while bowling, the bowler can choose to use any style chosen to bowl – granny style or even Fred Flinstone style, but not matter which style, the ball is always headed in the desired direction (hopefully). As much as students need and deserve creative license, there also needs to be guidelines (bumpers) to ensure that the goals of the activity are being met.

Lessons of the day

1. Before taking on a lesson or a unit… think about what you as an educator are hoping to assess or understand as well as what you would like your students to gain

2. Everything you do as a teacher needs to have a purpose, be intentional with your actions


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