Community Garden Workshop Series #2

“In order to care for nature we have to know it, and to know it we have to experience it” – Stacy

Curriculum Connections!

It is all about interdisciplinary lessons!

Your garden is your CO-Teacher!

Community gardens have the potential to reconnect students with nature. For some students nature and gardens are an abstract/foreign concept as some have had little to no exposure to the natural environment, lets work to shift this notion of nature being abstract and allow students to care for something so core to health living – a healthy environment.

Feed into the curiosity and wonder that comes so naturally from students! Follow their enthusiasm and all them to be the teacher. Guide students to find the answer by creating an environment of wonder and exploration.

Brainstorming! In what ways can a community garden be integrated into lessons!
(I have just listed a couple ideas here, so PLEASE feel free to share more!!)

– Math! Geometry, symmetry, fractions, business/marketing/buying & Selling

– Art! reflection, poetry, advertising, design/draft (green house/garden design)

– Science! plant cycle, life cycle, food chain

– Health & Nutrition! Cooking & recipe reading, nutrition,

Here are a couple things to think about!

WHY do you as an educator want to bring a garden to your school… My thoughts,

– Experiential learning!

– Real world project with real world responsibility  (rewards and consequences)

– Strengthen community (school & surrounding area)

– Self Reliance! An opportunity to foster student confidence and ownership

– Reconnecting with nature and the land

– Promote understanding of where our food comes from, and what we are putting into our bodies
(healthy body, healthy mind, health spirit – happy heart)

– Project Based Learning to promote critical thinking

– Domino effect of reconnecting with nature into families and community

Today we had an adventure out to the Orchard Garden, learned all about the different types of kale and even did some ‘blind’ contour drawing to tap into our tactile senses. We tromped through the rain and the mud, dug in the dirt, smelled the fresh air and soaked up the knowledge!

AND! Yummy Potato leek soup for lunch made from herbs and veggies grown in the Orchard Garden!

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