Bloggers Catch Up

As I enter into my 2nd B.Ed semester I find myself here playing ‘bloggers catch up’, a repercussion of being swept away by semester final projects and swallowed easily by the relaxation that the holidays brought.

2012.. What an amazing year, … graduated university… explored 12 European countries, where jumped out of a cable car in the swiss alps, river rafted in Austrian waters & experienced classical music (Mozart concert, Vienna)… visited my lovely new brunswick (twice!)… spent the summer camping on the sunshine coast, biking the seawall, exploring capilano suspension bridge, and being Gumby for one more year 🙂 ….came out of a 6 year soccer retirement… started the Bachelor of education program at UBC- a process of self discovery.. went skiing up Grouse, snow shoeing up cypress… met some of the most amazing people… Thank you to all of the incredible people in my life, for making my 22nd year of life so absolutely unforgettable!

This year… I will work my way through 13 weeks of practicum – learning in its most authentic form, being supported and challenged as I discover who I am as an educator… I will coach a volleyball team with my best friend…I will travel across the country to reconnect with family and friends, I will try as many new things as I can… I will SKYDIVE.. and Hike the Chief..because why wait another year?

If I hurt I will have support, when I am full of sunshine it will be spread like wildfire…

I live and love through every minute of the day.

But what mustn’t I forget… ahh to breathe and to reflect…

2013 here I come.

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