Educating the Heart <3


Empathy – A deep understanding and acknowledgment that all citizens of this world, creatures and environment included deserve a life of happiness. Empathy rooted in action and compassion recognizes that peaceful cooperation & collaboration will only succeed if we as individuals live and work for the well-being of the global society.

Empathy so often slips through the cracks as society travels through life at the speed of a runway freight train targeting capital gain…

Must empathy now be taught…? Has it become the role of educators to create empathic citizens?

Living in a world so fuelled by innovation, growth, consumerism and capitalism we as a society are drifting away from our natural empathetic tendencies. Our life focus has been narrowed by desire to ‘move up the ladder’….

Now is the time to broaden this focus, to recognize the interconnectivity of the world we live in. 

Imagine what a world we could live in, if  selfishness and discrimination were NOT an option… 

I PLEDGE... to forever work to create a world where acceptance, tolerance, empathy and compassion are second nature to all. A world where the environment takes precedence over capital gain, where discussion of war and poverty are followed by actions of resolution, and where words of hate are nulled by waves of kindness…

Will you join me?…..

Educators, Parents, Neighbours, Strangers… Educate the HEARTS of  ALL PEOPLE , we all play a role…

Global citizenship & social responsibility are rooted in EMPATHY…with EMPATHY and ACTION comes POSITIVE CHANGE


Thank you for the inspiration Karmatude:

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