Risk Taking – “the lone nut”

Blog post inspired by an amazingly mind stimulating workshop on “Leading an Innovative Culture” lead by George Couros

My thoughts…

Historically the idea of “failure” has been seen as an end, a path of no return – a black hole we feared approaching.
Today we have begun to challenge this view, recognizing the learning that comes from “failure”
As educators we encourage students to “try new things” to “challenge themselves” …to take risks, to be creative and open to share….and we work to convince them that making mistakes and taking risks opens doors for learning…

Moment of self reflection…

Are we as educators modelling this “try new things” attitude to our students? How?

Are we as educators stepping outside the bounds of our comfort zone…adjusting our own teaching practices… Trying new things… or even acknowledging our own mistakes with our students, colleagues and self? Why…why not?

When as the last time you admitted to your students you made a mistake…and then actually tried to change things?

Are we ourselves being creative and innovative in our own teaching practice? And if we are… how are we sharing and collaborating?

When do we take risks?

The willingness to take risks, to be vulnerable and be challenged is rooted in the development of a safe, supportive and trusting environment – through the creation of a learning culture that places value in being innovative, trying something new and accepts “failure” or “mistakes” as stepping stones to AMAZING!

I believe…
Making mistakes is human, it is a natural, self reflective process that encourages problem solving and collaboration.

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”
Vincent Van Gogh

My final thoughts…
Be “the lone nut”…. take a risk, see what happens – sharing new ideas, trying new things, being innovative and creative is how movements begin… recognizing that “failure” and “mistakes”. Model to your students what you expect from them…

I have posted this video before, but I really believe it is representative of the message I am trying to highlight …. Taking risks can lead to change and growth in self and in others.
“The Lone Nut – Starting a movement”

One thought on “Risk Taking – “the lone nut”

  1. I absolutely agree, we must be willing to take risks and model that for our students. We often avoid talking about failure because it has historically been viewed as an end rather than a beginning. This is a video that I have found to be a source of inspiration as it talks about how we need to embrace failure: http://youtu.be/X0ZtPqG7t-A

    Thanks for another wonderful post, Sarah!

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