Connect Ed Canada … 

I was surround by passionate educators,  welcoming me with open arms, into their world of learning… 

Connect Ed Canada  …  A weekend full of thought provoking conversation, collaborating, and sharing.

As a student teacher I often struggle being in a stage of transition, and if you know me at all you know how much I am revitalized by professional development and conference opportunities…. Connect Ed Canada could not have come at a better time…

I witnessed an incredible representation of student centred learning at Calgary Science School. Observing students fully engaged in learning how to learn…

I left feeling inspired & motivated after meeting and conversing with so many educators who are working so hard to change and better the education system…

But feeling slightly overwhelmed by the opportunities and potential that lie ahead…

I laughed, I sang, I learned, I networked, I collaborated, I shared… I got all fired up!

To hear more about the workshops I attended, I have blogged about two already “risk taking” And “my ah ha moment”

20130531-160908.jpg           20130531-160722.jpg20130531-160628.jpg

20130531-160824.jpg20130531-160817.jpg           20130531-160644.jpg20130531-160657.jpg          20130531-160648.jpg20130531-160711.jpg     20130531-160640.jpg

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