I am starting to breathe ….time to slow down, to breathe and to reflect.

Growth – in my students, in myself — and our plants.

I smile… those amazing ‘ah ha!’ moments, when it finally clicked – connection made! Seeing that light bulb go off, over coming an obstacle, a moment where the lessons became meaningful and the learning became real. The light at the end of a tunnel.

I take pride in lessons that made my students excited, recognizing that teaching is creating a space for curiosity and inquiry, a space where students feel empowered to take responsibility for their learning, and feel engaged.

I held close to me a piece of advise my school advisor, mentor and friend game me day on one … “build connections and the teaching will come” … it is true – know your students, where the come from and what they need. Building those connections and better understanding each student will allow you to challenge and support them as individuals. Taking the time to connect with each students builds mutual trust and respect.

Practicum has allowed me space to grow as a professional, and help me search for answers to the big question ‘what kind of teacher do I want to be’…. what I have discovered..

I want to be a teacher that my students see as being a learner alongside them, a teacher that cares… that is human and makes mistakes. A teacher that engages, challenges and supports – that helps students realize their own potential. A teacher that opens a world of opportunity and exposes my students to the world beyond the walls of the class that has yet to be discovered…

Div 11 Vegetable Garden! — harvesting next week!!

20130531-161603.jpg           20130531-161611.jpg

20130531-161617.jpg           20130531-161624.jpg


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