Inspiration found within the walls of your own school

Take a moment and reflect…

When was the last time you visited your neighbour? Or a classroom at the opposite end of the school?

When was the last time you asked a coworker what are they were up to with their class?

Inspiration can be found right next door…

A conversation could be had that reaffirms or redirects your way of thinking/doing…

A conversation that motivates you to alter your practice….

An alteration that could benefit the learning of you students.

During the last week of my practicum I had a chance to explore my practicum school,

It was a chance to collaborate with my neighbouring educators…


My exploration…

T Manery, our amazing 6/7 teacher has offered her students an individualized math program that that promotes self regulation, self management and self awareness — competencies I feel are invaluable….

Students are made responsible for their own learning… Reflecting on their own learning process , deciding where they are at and how much support they need…

The program focuses on the process of learning the content…
Students then also recognize that they each learn at his or her own pace and require different things to be successful…

The goal is individual success — what do you need to be successful today?

Below is a charting system that the students use to communicate with TManery where they are at in their learning, and what they need from her…

Green – I am good with the content and can work independently and/or be a peer tutor.
Yellow – I am OKAY with the content, but could use support from a peer tutor.
Red – Mini lesson please! (One on one, or small group)

What I found MOST inspiring was that students were open and honest about where they were at in their own learning. TManery has created a classroom environment of trust, encouraging students to be honest about their learning…. Placing ones self in the yellow or red zone was not viewed as a bad thing, it was simply recognizing where one was at in their learning, and communicating that they needed a little extra support. Through this process students also began to see value in being honest, recognizing that asking for help is OKAY and ENCOURAGED!

Inspiration found right next store…

Self regulation… Individualized learning… Self awareness…

CHALLENGE — take a stroll aground your school, visit someone you haven’t chatted with in a while, ask qestions, have a conversation… And maybe be inspired!

Take a look at TManery’s class website to see what else she is up to!


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6 Responses to Inspiration found within the walls of your own school

  1. shannonjoe says:

    I went to her website hoping to find some more information on how she conducts her math class, but couldn’t. Could you help? 🙂


    • sdalzell says:

      Hi Shannon,
      I can try and get you in contact with her, or answer any questions you may have. From what I observed there is minimal direct teacher, very student driven.

      I will try and get a hold of Tams email for you 🙂


      • shannonjoe says:

        Thank you so much!! Our school is COMPLETELY teacher explicit instruction in math in the upper grades, but I feel like I might be able to take something she does and adapt it to give them some ownership of their learning! 🙂


      • sdalzell says:

        Hey Sorry for the late reply!! I didn’t even realize this comment was here! I will try and get an email address for you 🙂

      • shannonjoe says:

        Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


  2. shannonjoe says:


    You followed my blog a couple of weeks ago, but it was one that I hadn’t been keeping up and am deleting. Just wanted to let you know in case you want to follow this one: 🙂


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