Technology, Education, & Trust

I laughed at the irony of sitting in a workshop on self regulation … ON my iPad tweeting away… sharing my learning, to then see a rule that so clearly dictates student use of their technology… 

Before entering my education degree I was really torn about where I saw technology fitting in the classroom. I felt that students were already over exposed to technology outside the classroom walls (video games, facebook, texting etc) and therefore needed to be exposed to nature & human relationships…
But thanks to the amazing educators I have met throughout my program I have grown to see value in technology in the classroom… BALANCE is key! … there is a time and place for technology 

Day one of my practicum, my school advisor Diana Williams suggested I start a blog & create a twitter account…  2 things I now think I was subconsciously avoiding – not feeling fully confident in my technological abilities. Overcoming my technology insecurities enhanced MY learning…. 

I posted this image on twitter, and George Couros really hit the nail on the head with his comment…

The use of technology, just like every aspect of education needs to be about TRUST and about the LEARNER …. 

Take a minute and reflect on your classroom policies … who are they designed to benefit?

I also recommend checking out George’s post about kids & technology in the classroom – great insight as to technology as a TOOL 


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