Well, its happened…

As fast as my adventures as a Teacher on call began, they came to an end…

Last Tuesday I started my first day as a 0.80 French and LST teacher. These past 2 weeks have been a blur, memorizing the names of my 5 french classes & LST students… assessing and coding my kindergarten kidlets… and trying to fit in time to eat, sleep, socialize & exercise.

I have to be honest… I had a moment yesterday at school where I felt extremely overwhelmed, full of self doubt and uncertainty…feeling the heavy weight of responsibility…. but with some good ol’ country tunes, some pretzel m&ms and an afternoon organizing, and an evening of visiting with students & parents… I finally feel able to breathe again… This year has offered me so much already, with every moment of self doubt or uncertainty comes a moment of reflection & learning 🙂

My ‘class’ blog is underway… so stay tuned to see what is happening!

Upcoming events … ILD Release day  – hope to see you there!!


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