Reuniting with my Passion…

I am now just over 2 months into my very first ‘official teaching position’…. I find that when I am reunited with a colleague, a friend or a family member the same question is asked..

So… how are things going so far? 

There is no simple way to describe my current emotional or mental state. The best way I can describe it is…. I feel like a new born baby giraffe, I want so badly to reach up for the highest leaves – to maintain my “go big or go home’ mentality, but my legs are wobbly, I feel uncertain and am still working to find my footing and walk with confidence. The safety net that was my practicum no longer exists…

For a while I have felt in a rut… feeling slightly unmotivated, adjusting to such a change in lifestyle – from full time independent student, to a working professional…

I fully admit that I miss university, but I feel selfish saying it out loud… I miss being a student, miss having my days filled with group discussions, projects and presentations – having peers question my way of doing and thinking and vice versa, I even miss reading academic articles  with the sole purpose of dissecting their meaning.

Please don’t misread what I am saying, I enjoy being a teacher and working with students. I have been indirectly and sometimes directly challenged to reflect and adjust on a daily basis. Being in the teacher role I am constantly evaluating my practice, questioning what I am doing “what is the purpose, what will my students gain….”, BUT I do miss being the student….

With all of this being said, I recently I attended my second “Digital Learning Series” event, and after a series of IGNITE presentations, it hit me… I KNOW that I am passionate about professional development & learning , I know that I LOVE being a student… so, what am I doing to pull myself out of this rut…

I need to reunite myself with my own passions

1. ACTUALLY read the amazing books I have purchased, but have failed to make time to read…. “Drive” by Daniel Pink, being first on my list

2. I have always hoped to one day complete a masters degree, why wait? After months, even years of researching programs. I have finally found one that my gut tells me has potential for pure AMAZINGNESS – SO applications are in progress

3. Attend a CONFERENCE! For those of you who don’t know me, I come alive at conferences… networking, sharing, debating, learning…. *Sigh…Smile* They reinvigorate me.

Do you have some reconnecting to do? 




2 thoughts on “Reuniting with my Passion…

  1. I find listening to audiobooks during my commute a good way to get some professional reading in. That’s how I “read” Drive and A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink. Also as a new teacher, don’t try to do everything and be everything all at once. Try to enjoy each day and be in the present. You will get where you want to go one step at a time. You are blessed to have so many people believe in you!

    • I definitely started listening to podcasts while I work out! But audio books — GOOD CALL! That is going to happen 🙂
      Thank you so much for your words of wisdom Marilyn, I do forget to slow things down and just ‘be’ and observe. I am extremely fortunate and blessed to have such an amazing people in my life who support and challenge me 🙂

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