The Art of Conversation…


Just as other forms of art & expression deserve time, patience and practice, so does…

the art of conversation

Disclaimer…  I am the first to vouch for the value of technology and social media in allowing us to make and maintain connections with others, this post is merely to express my recent reconnect with face to face conversation…

With all the technology we have at our finger tips, I have really began to see the   value in face to face  ” hey lets grab a coffee and catch up” conversation…

Over the christmas break as people flooded into town, returning from school or work, visiting family or even just taking in the beautiful BC landscape… I sat in a coffee shop catching up with some friends observing the handshakes, the hugs hello, the body language,  the tone of voice, the stories, the expression, the laughs and the moments of silence…

It is easy to get swept away in the world of technology, to type, delete, ponder and retype… taking the time to send the perfect witty response…

Value technology – use it, learn from it, connect with it…. but don’t forget the power of face to face conversation… the ability to communicate and to express ones self without a ‘backspace’ button…

Penny for your thoughts?

  1. Are young people getting enough opportunity to develop these skills of face to face conversation and expression?
  2. Is ‘over use’ of technology stunting the development of emotional intelligence?

Just for fun… BLAST FROM THE PAST… My technological upbringing…

I consider myself to be a ‘technological hybrid’ – I wasn’t necessarily born in the world of technology – 95% of my childhood was spent outside, while the other 5% I was at school or sleeping… but today many aspects of my life, the way I connect, communicate and learn are largely dependent on the use of technology

  1. I didn’t get my first cell phone until I was 17, can anyone say T9?
  2. A lap top was a luxury I received as a university student…
  3. Dial up… Need I say more
  4. TV channels… 28
  5. VHS & Cassettes
  6. Phones with curly cords
  7. My first email address — swimmer_chick15 <- WOW
  8. Nexopia + MSN Messenger

2 thoughts on “The Art of Conversation…

  1. Well said,daughter of Brad, I fear for young people who lose contact with the real world of actually talking. Although I was chuckling to myself. My sister still uses VHS! It’s not old, Cassettes are old as I was the first kid in Canyon Heights to have a Cassette player in about 1966. Now for “dial up”, in 1971 in The Computer Club at Handsworth we would physically phone SFU to connect to their “big” computer by this massive modem which you hung the receiver on, and that was connected to a big typewriter with a an IBM Selectric Ball that bounced all over the huge paper that kept coming out of the machine until sometimes we stopped it as we were afraid of running out of paper. Oh, and THREE TV Channels.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you Steve Friend of my Dad 🙂 I have been enjoying reconnecting with the real world lately – and working hard to encourage my students and friends to do the same!

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