My Debut…


Last night, I was one of 4 “IGNITE” speakers at the monthly Digital Learning Series Dinner hosted by the Surrey School District. 

I am calling this  “My Debut into School District 36”  and although there are things I would definitely change and improve on – like slowing down and remembering to breathe….I am proud of myself and am very humbled by the experience. I may have stumbled over words and spoke at a mile a minute – but that didn’t seem to matter. What mattered was that I was willing to try, to be brave and take a risk…I felt unbelievably supported. 

As I always say…. “you gotta start somewhere”

My topic of the evening was that of professional development, something I have become extremely passionate about over the past 5 years. 


  1. I thrive off of  being challenged to think in new ways & to reflect on my practice
  2. I see value in making connections with individuals who are passionate, who believe that change is possible and bring new perspective and unique experiences to a conversation 
  3. Equally important to making connections is maintaining these connections, and developing relationships even friendships that I can continue to learn from 
  4. Sparking new passion – professional development exposes me to new things and sparks new interests
  5. Emotion: I begin my pro-d journey feeling eager and curious. I leave feeling inspired, revitalized, sometimes angry or frustrated with myself — which I convert in to MOTIVATION & ACTION
  6. Bringing what I learn to LIFE! Why go to pro-d if I am not willing to try new things, take what I learn and put it into practice. I take risks so my students feel safe to take risks …. every moment is a learning moment. 











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