Be a Duck… let it go

                                  “Be a Duck”

“Be a Duck..” A metaphor…how  to handle all that life throws at you – A ducks waxy feathers allow them to sit in the rain without really getting wet… the water just slides off. Stress, emotions, expectations, uncertainties that we hold onto can become toxic and unhealthy, putting a strain on relationships, clouding judgement and hindering personal awareness and growth… and like a duck, we must allow ourselves to let it slide off 

Hmmm, things to think about…. 

1. How do you cope with different types of stress? Reflective Runner? Worry Relief Workout? Emotional Eater? Girls Night Gab? Dear Denial Im Back?  

What about IN the moment?  

From now on, I am going to be a Duck… let the stress slide off my back

2. How can we develop this self awareness and self management in ourselves and our students?  Social and Emotional learning is making its mark on  todays educational system. A large component of this centres around the idea of “Self awareness” & “self management” – being able to identify how we feel, the root causes & then how to manage these emotions – ideally nurturing resilience and capacity to cope with stress in a healthy way. 

George Couros recently shared an article that very much ties into the idea of “being a duck”,  LETTING THINGS GO, releasing thoughts/personal critisms/stressors that may be holding you back…

Article:  “50 things to let go before your next birthday”(Angel Chernoff) 

What are you going to let go of today?Quack Quack…


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