This post is long overdue…but here it is…


It may sound strange that the one statement I needed to hear, to settle my nerves as I began my residency stay at Royal Roads, was that I would feel UNCOMFORTABLE.

“Feeling uncomfortable means you are in a place to learn”

My Residency stay in a nutshell: two jam packed weeks, 12+ hour learning days, deep thinking and purposeful questioning, laughter and tears, extreme exhaustion, brain break adventures, and the start of amazing friendships.

From the moment we arrived, as a group of strangers we were thrown into a whirl wind of learning and collaborating. From ice breakers, and class discussions, to late night papers ands and group presentations, we explored the vast world of learning and leadership.

Class discussions fuelled the flame of my curiosity. My cohort being incredible diverse, offered unique experiences and perspectives broadening my view on leadership and learning…You learn more when you surround yourself with diversity…

Thus far this journey has forced me (in the most positive way) to reflect on who I am as a leader and as a learner, to better be in tune with who I am in order to support those around me.

I was challenged and I felt uncomfortable


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