Reignite the fire…


If you are like me, and feeling as though you have lost yourself in the mess, there is no time like the present to start the search,  to rediscover who you are and reignite the fire within… 

I finished my first year of teacher walking the picket lines with my colleagues, experiencing first hand the influence of politics on the education system…

I has been hard not to feel lost in this mess, to be pulled down by the constant questioning and negative comments. It has been heart breaking watching as education, teachers, students, families and community members have been pulled through the ringer, as we all try to improve education..

Amidst all this chaos, I began a new stage of my own educational journey to complete my masters at Royal Roads University. Reflection is a huge piece of learning for me, as it is in my program, and during my stay in Victoria I was asked to complete visual reflections, taking steps to developing ourselves as reflective practitioners.

The reason why I share this with you now is, I was taking a moment to reflect on all that has happened, all that I have learned, and how I feel about the upcoming union vote, and I realized how disconnected with myself I have become. I have allowed anger, confusion, hurt and frustration to take over, but I am not that person.

It is time I rediscover who I am…

My hopes are that by sharing these two reflections (whether you watch them or not), that you take a moment begin the process of healing those wounds…to rediscover yourself & reignite your passions

My reflections…

1. Who Am I?…  

2.  As an Educator…

I know that many people are wounded by what has happened, take a moment, remember who you are and why you do what you do, and let that guide you…





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