She Returns!

This September, I return to the classroom after taking a year away.

The decision to step away from the classroom was not an easy one.

Uncertain as to whether or not education was the right path for me, I took a risk, a leap of faith, stepping away to explore and learn about myself both personally and professionally. Wanting to try something a little different, I honed in on my recently completed Masters in Educational Leadership and Management, and took on a management role at the University of British Columbia. This was my crash course in organization management and systems thinking, 

The RISK was worth the REWARD. The lens to which I now bring to my educator life has completed SHIFTED, bringing a new appreciation and understanding for the administrators that support front line staff.  I walk away from my year contract with UBC, with a new set of skills, a new perspective, and stronger sense of self. I AM an EDUCATOR.

I have SET INTENTIONS for my return… 

This year I am committing to PRACTICE what I PREACH…both personally and professionally

I ask of my students to TAKE RISKS and be vulnerable in their daily practice, so I shall work to model this alongside them, taking risks in my practice and daily life.

I create an environment of NO STRESS, so I shall embrace change and adversity as the constant learning moments they are. With change comes opportunity and learning.

I encourage my student to BE BRAVE and to BELIEVE in themselves, so I shall remember to appreciate my own growth.

I mentor with hopes that my students will learn to better understand themselves and their emotions, therefore I re-enter the teaching world with a mindset of LIFE BALANCE, embracing professional challenges and growth, whilst honouring my personal passions.

I am riddled with excitement and nervousness.
Excited for the adventure ahead.
Appreciative of time I had away to learn and reflect.






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