My Roots


Hello world!

My name is Sarah Dalzell – I am an educator and adventurer. After a year away, I am very excited to be reentering the teaching world.

To my core, I value life balance, positive mental health, and exploration. This grounds my teaching practice in social and emotional learning – a focus on developing strong awareness of self and others, nurturing curiously and individual learning, and creating a strong community of support.

No Stress. Be Brave. Take Risks 

Philosophy Of Education

My Philosophy of Education is rooted in educating both the heart and the mind.  Nurturing the growth of the whole child.

Educating the Mind

My philosophy focuses on the process of learning. It cannot always be about what is taught, but instead about students seeing value in knowing how and why they learn.

Every student has the capacity to learn and be successful, and should be given such opportunity. Learning and success are not linear, it is a process unique to each person, and therefor education and instruction must be responsive to individual needs of students.

I believe that teaching and learning needs to have purpose, be meaningful and engaging, and have ‘real-life application’ . Education needs to promote the development of critical thinking and reasoning through discussion of meaningful, real life topics.

We must create a culture of learning that encourages risk taking, cultivates curiosity and inspires new ideas amongst all learners.

Educating the Heart

Educating the heart recognizes the power of kindness and compassion, and the need to intentionally nurture individuals ability to be understanding and respectful of self and others. I strive to create an atmosphere that promotes openness, bravery, and risk taking! When my students feel safe and cared for, they are open to challenges and new learning.

Education has the means to develop individuals as empathetic citizens, aware of their role in todays diverse community. We as educators must strive to model the development of positive relationships, effective communication and problem solving skills, and healthy coping strategies.

Social and Emotional Learning needs to be at the forefront of education as a foundation to fostering resilient learners. We must be deliberate in teaching individuals the skills necessary to self regulate and self manage.


– – Rooted in Education – –

– – Rooted in Education – – 


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