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Entering the teaching profession during this wave of technology is an exciting time, networking, collaboration and sharing are quite literally at the tip of our fingers…

I am still working to become social media savvy – but so far have found that Blogs and Twitter are a gateway into the global education world… Connecting with fellow educators who are opening up their world of learning for me to see via the web

What I find even more exhilarating about this process, is the possibility of meeting these inspirational educators face to face!

So please … SHARE to inspire and be inspired!

I will be posting blogs post links and tweets I find inspirational and thought provoking… Check em’ out!

(I also recommend checking out bloglovin – a space to act as a central data base for blogs you choose to follow)   

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Blogs I follow…

George Couros  — George’s posts are always very thought provoking – he poses question, or share opinions that really make me reflect on my own practice. I really enjoyed his recent post on “Resilience and Grit, Not Failure” 

Diana Williams — My mentor! Day one she recommended I start a blog… Look what happened 🙂 She has wonderful posts and resources about her work with ‘daily 5’ , blogging with her class, and project based learning 

Beverley Bunker — I was SO excited to meet Beverley face to face at ConnectEd Canada back in May, she is an inspiring teacher full of passion to change our industry for the better!

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