To Stream or not to Stream?

  DISCLAIMER: Streaming and Integration both have value,  I only aim to offer a different perspective and begin a conversation about how best to meet the needs of all our students. Should we invest resources into streamed programs, as a way to more effectively target our intervention efforts? There has been a constant be tug-a-war of … Continue reading To Stream or not to Stream?



Connect Ed Canada ...  I was surround by passionate educators,  welcoming me with open arms, into their world of learning...  Connect Ed Canada  ...  A weekend full of thought provoking conversation, collaborating, and sharing. As a student teacher I often struggle being in a stage of transition, and if you know me at all you … Continue reading ConnectEdCanada

Risk Taking – “the lone nut”

Blog post inspired by an amazingly mind stimulating workshop on "Leading an Innovative Culture" lead by George Couros My thoughts... Historically the idea of "failure" has been seen as an end, a path of no return - a black hole we feared approaching. Today we have begun to challenge this view, recognizing the learning that … Continue reading Risk Taking – “the lone nut”