“Read as a teacher”

I recently started reading the high acclaimed "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen R. Covey. As I am about to start reading about the 'first habit' Covey makes a point to suggest that I, the reader, read with the purpose to share what I am learning... and then to recognize how that shift in … Continue reading “Read as a teacher”



Connect Ed Canada ...  I was surround by passionate educators,  welcoming me with open arms, into their world of learning...  Connect Ed Canada  ...  A weekend full of thought provoking conversation, collaborating, and sharing. As a student teacher I often struggle being in a stage of transition, and if you know me at all you … Continue reading ConnectEdCanada

My “ah ha!” moment….

A powerful statement made by Joe Bower in a session focused on rethinking "discipline" has resonated with me all weekend...And has made me rethink my own practice and experiences.. "When a student walks in not knowing how to read, we teach them to read... When a student walks in not knowing how to behave or … Continue reading My “ah ha!” moment….

Risk Taking – “the lone nut”

Blog post inspired by an amazingly mind stimulating workshop on "Leading an Innovative Culture" lead by George Couros My thoughts... Historically the idea of "failure" has been seen as an end, a path of no return - a black hole we feared approaching. Today we have begun to challenge this view, recognizing the learning that … Continue reading Risk Taking – “the lone nut”

Professional Development :)

As many of you may know, I love conferences and professional development..... LOVE. I hunger for  professional development.... crave case studies and am absolutely reenergized by networking! Most recently I attended the BCTF-NTC: British Columbia's Teachers Federations, New Teachers Conference where I was exposed to a whirl wind of new ideas and met some amazing … Continue reading Professional Development 🙂

Mind Blown by MindUp

Mind Blown by MindUp! Working to build mindfulness, emotional intelligence and resilience in students! Ah HOW INSPIRING! Today I had the incredible opportunity to be trained in MindUp - a curriculum rooted in Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) which aims to help students understand how their minds work and how emotions impact their learning MindUp infuses … Continue reading Mind Blown by MindUp