To Stream or not to Stream?

  DISCLAIMER: Streaming and Integration both have value,  I only aim to offer a different perspective and begin a conversation about how best to meet the needs of all our students. Should we invest resources into streamed programs, as a way to more effectively target our intervention efforts? There has been a constant be tug-a-war of … Continue reading To Stream or not to Stream?


“Hey, No Stress” – Living Motto

This year I am teaching the grade 6/7 intensive literacy program. Each one of my kids struggles significantly with reading and writing, and the traditional classroom approach has thus far not worked for them. Along with focusing a large portion of our time on literacy... my goals of the year focus on... Rebuilding confidence, by offering opportunity … Continue reading “Hey, No Stress” – Living Motto

Understanding Self

While enjoying my early morning Starbucks soy chia latte this morning... I continue my reading of .....The Whole-Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies To Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind - by Daniel am Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson...When I come across the phrase "foster self understanding" ... I begin to think.... We give opportunity for students … Continue reading Understanding Self

My “ah ha!” moment….

A powerful statement made by Joe Bower in a session focused on rethinking "discipline" has resonated with me all weekend...And has made me rethink my own practice and experiences.. "When a student walks in not knowing how to read, we teach them to read... When a student walks in not knowing how to behave or … Continue reading My “ah ha!” moment….