Stimulating Videos

Below I have posted links of videos that I find…. motivating…inspiring…thought provoking – If you have any favourites, please share!

Instructions for a bad day – We all experience days of darkness & distress. Take a breath, you are never alone. this video offers 46 ‘powerful’ & though provoking statements that will hopefully turn your day around… (

Kid President’s Pep Talk to Teachers & Students – Be awesome… learn from each other….

Arnolds “Lifes 6 Rules” –   I found this video to be quite moving. Simple yet powerful

Educate the Heart  – The Dalai Lama Center: Social and Emotional learning is becoming a consistent theme throughout educational conversations and practice.

The Empathetic Citizen  – Karmtude: great site with videos about social & global issues

Sir Ken Robinson:  I am a HUGE fan of Ken Robinson, his thoughts are so insightful and reflective! He advocates for change! I highly recommend checking out these videos 🙂

School Kills Creativity

Bring on the Learning Revolution

How to escape Education’s Death Valley 

Educating the Heart and Mind 

Creativity, Learning & Curriculum 

RSA Animate – discussion of social issues through the use of white board drawing, very thought provoking! They really put you into a space of reflective practice, encouraging you to reflect on your role in society.

The power of Empathy 

Changing Education Paradigms 

The Surprising Truth about what Motivates us 

Smile or Die

The Empathetic Civilization



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